Cinema Cleaning


Do you know how popcorn can wedge it's way into the cinema seat cushions?, how the occasional chocolate falls under the seat where no one can see? Dustfree knows and can help. After all of the movies are finished and the projector has closed down for the night, staff have finally packed up to go home. We can then take over the detail cleaning, getting in the hard to find spots and make sure your cinema is ready for the next set of movie goers. 


Using smart cleaning strategies and up to date equipment, we can have your cinema ready for the first session the next morning. Let us worry about getting that sticky feeling out of the floor and let the movie goers enjoy what they paid for. 

  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Washroom services
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • High dusting and vent cleaning
  • High pressure water cleaning
  • Rubbish removal
  • Leaf blowing


Our team of cleaning staff are well trained and carry a caring attitude about their work and the client they are working for. All staff who work or are contracted to Dustfree have site identification and have been through induction programs, making sure your cinema is serviced by a trained professional who you can depend on.